About Us

In 2014 afghankochibazar commenced its operation on international level. Afghankochibazar is about heritage and elegance. We create fashion that is timeless, focusing on contemporary design. Our clothing range from minimal to heavily embroidered gowns. Our clothes are made for the modern Afghan woman, with a touch of culture and artistry. Our collection include a range of accessories to complement the look.

We have set up this online fashion store so that women can have access to trendy Afghan clothing. We have started the company to inspire peopleĀ of the beauty of Afghan culture. Every dress we make, is carefully designed and constructed. All our dresses are manufactured in pakistan and afghanistan. We love using vintage handmade embroidery to create that authentic Afghan KOCHI look, especially as each pieceĀ is unique. The classic traditional Afghan dress has its own beauty but we also love creating modern and different clothes.